Come back !

Oh dear !
I miss you
Everything about you.
The moments we cherished.
The kisses we enjoyed.
The way you listen to my poems.
The way we hugged.
At least I remember the last time we did it all .
And they all make me cry.

I want you.
I want all yours,
The kisses ,hugs and conditional love.
I want to be yours again, all yours.
I want you to be mine again, all mine.

I know I have hurt you a lot.
I have failed the test.
I have done it wrong.
I have played it rough.
But don’t you know
I loved you all the time.

I have to let it go
To the dustbin of time.
It doesn’t matter now
I will be better this time.

How can you forget your words
We fall to rise ,
We die to live,
We fight to stay at peace,
We hate to fall in Love ,
We walk away to come back.

Won’t you do this time , again?
For sake of love ,forsaking hate .
For sake of joy, forsaking joy.

I miss you.
I love you.
I am waiting for you .

I miss you.
I love you.
I am waiting for you .

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