Many wonder what exactly a Tissue Paper Poetry is! Well, it’s simply the spontaneous scribbling or short thoughtful writings done on otherwise discarded ubiquitous tissue papers. Making this a habit or a fancy hobby that friends loved and enthusiastically often asked for one from the other side of the table, I took it to my next level of excogitation by publishing a book as well as hosting a blog putting all the thoughts and facts here including the random discussions on the coffee table.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it the time to enthuse yourself with Tissue Paper Inklings …


"I have started my journey long back . I can,now, see nothing but ripples of water The other side of the water may have a shore I just want to conquer that world I want to become the king of that land ."

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The Woman I Adore…

“The people I chose to admire are not necessarily popular or extraordinary, but they each have something extraordinary to offer me…a lesson, a fairytale, an idea, an inspiration and whatnots! Here is one… her story, my inspiration.”

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