A cup of Tea

tea, cup of tea,girl hand ,girl offering tea
photography by Sanjit Kumar Naik



Like the first ray of the rising sun,


Like the music of a sacred soul,

A cup of tea is a rejuvenation,

A must need for the lazy skeleton of last night.

Along with a morning walk of life

Someone offers,

Sweet enough to admire,

A cup of dreams.

Drinking the elixir of life.

I walked towards my home.

I had to clean the floors and bedsheets

Of stinky stains of smoke and separation.

The alcoholic smell was yet to fade

Unlike the vapors of sorrow rose from the cup of tea

And evanesced into the air.

Tears, again, filled in the vacuuming heart

For a while, only for a while.


Someone came back to my loneliness

And offered a cup of sugarless tea,

Sweeter than before.

Someone had to leave me alone

For maybe she was not my cup of tea.

1 thought on “A cup of Tea”

  1. P.Rabikant Raghuram.

    Nice Idea & Poem ” A Cup of Tea”, Monoj bhai. Tea cup should be filled with Love, Passion, Dream, Aspirations. There shouldn’t be Storm in the Tea Cup.

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