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Miss Laal Tamator – A tissue paper poetry

I published my first book “Miss Laal Tamator”, a compilation of my spontaneous scribbling or short thoughtful writings, done on otherwise discarded ubiquitous tissue papers on a coffee table or elsewhere, which was received appreciably. However the unconventional title of the book dedicated to my first love “Miss Laal Tamator, the sweet sobriquet”, notwithstanding, the book explores diverse topics from mother’s uncompromising love to a lover’s incessant longings, of course with a dash of satire.

Don’t you want to enjoy the romantic thrill of the poetry ?? Order your copy now .

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Tissue Paper Diary

Anecdotes / Travel/ Photography

Life is more than the pursuance of fame. Life is to celebrate small little things happening with and around us. Life is to rhapsodize love and joy. Life is to wander like a firefly searching for a rainbow even in the darkness. But what does it worth if we won’t capture the moments in a frame or put it down on a piece of paper and let the world listen.

Here is the anecdotes of my life and the journey so far…. The Tissue Paper Diary, the autobiography of a very common man.

So visit this literary landscape and discover me. Bon Voyage !

Tissue Paper Inklings

Stories / Poetry / Opinion / Education

Many wonder what exactly a Tissue Paper Poetry is! Well, it’s simply the spontaneous scribbling or short thoughtful writings done on otherwise discarded ubiquitous tissue papers. Making this a habit or a fancy hobby that friends loved and enthusiastically often asked for one from the other side of the table, I took it to my next level of ex-cogitation by publishing a book as well as hosting a blog putting all the thoughts and facts here including the random discussions on the coffee table.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it the time to enthuse yourself with Tissue Paper Inklings…

Books and Authors

Books i wrote / Books i read / Authors i met

“Whenever you get bored or go on a tour you open a book and read it joyfully. What if one day, to kill my boredom, I will open a book and that would be yours”, she said.

I could not control the excitement and published my book within a month dedicated to her, this was released on my birthday on her request. Anyway this was just the beginning and much more is yet to come. You can find them all here.

I love to meet people, especially writers and poets, because I love to read books. They are amazing creatures in this world. Yeah… they live in an imaginary world unlike ours. So let’s talk to those aliens of our planet. Aren’t you interested what they say about themselves???

ODIA Tissue Paper Inklings

Stories / Poetry / Opinion

This section exclusively deals with the works of Odia literature, the scribbling in my mother tongue. Continuing the genre of Tissue Paper Poetry I am also going to add the play of emotions to this column with an odissi flavor to my alphabets.

Tissue Paper Videos

You must be fond of reading poetry. Aren’t you? Won’t you like to see it in words and in motion? so this is the place for you.

Apart from this I am going to upload the educational stuffs you would like to know. This is just the gateway to my YouTube channel.


Tissue Paper Club

Guest columns / Contest / Book Reviews

Everyone should have the chance to become a storyteller or a poet. This is the basic mantra of this column.

Thoughts and Contemplation of writers and poets of authority and repute as well as the lesser known find a place under this. Apart from this we are going to edify the intellectual orgasm by calling for periodical contest and publishing magazines in future.

This column also contains book reviews of Odia and English publications. Here the readers are encouraged to send their personal opinions of the books they have read and admired or otherwise.

Do join this literary microcosm, the Tissue Paper Club and enlighten the humanity with a fervor of togetherness.

Tissue Paper Moment

Media events / Awards / Testimonials

Life is like a tissue paper. You don’t have any idea whether this will be treasured as a poetry or be thrown into a dustbin. There are moments which are beautiful, inspiring and like a pocketful of sunshine in a gloomy world. Those events can be called as milestones, the important impetus to continue my good work. There are words of appreciation from my ideals, elders and the fans following which is like the gems shining on a crown. And there are the moments I will never forget to celebrate.

This is all because of you. So this column is to inform you about those moments and expressing my benevolent gratitude towards my readers who are the reasons I am rising and rising up. I’d like to thank everyone I have come across my life.

Few words for me? A wordplex of love!